In Office Training

Carrie and Carol will work with you, your staff, your dentists and auxiliaries to have a very productive day.  C2 will advocate chair side to efficiently streamline the digital workflow appointment through education.  We cover tissue management, proper scanning techniques, materials and more.  We give everyone a chance to experience the different aspects of the CAD/CAM appointment. 

Connect How YOU Want!

Who We Are

C2 Carrie Times Carol are Clinical Integration Specialist of CAD/CAM Technology.  We are passionate about advocating  Doctors, Auxiliaries, Dental Labratories & Patients with each aspect of a successful CAD/CAM dental appointment. We are dedicated to excellence while training others. 


Services for Offices 

* In-Office Training Events

* C2 Smile Design - Same Day Smiles

* Clinical Integration of CAD/CAM Technology

* Power Production Days

* Advanced In-Office Training for Implants, Bridges, and Anterior Design

* Stain and Glaze Courses

Services for Laboratories

* In-Office CAD/CAM Training Events 

* Digital Laboratory Spotlight Events 

* Chair Side Same Day Smile Advocacy

* Speaking Engagements - Educational    Courses & Organizing Events Join our next event!