C2 Smile Design

C2 Smile Design will be your intra-oral, chair side advocate for larger cases and smile makeover appointments.  Make the plan with your dentist to create the smile that their patients have always wanted! C2 will assist your doctor and their staff in the preparation phase, tissue management and proper digital impression scanning techniques.  We will then send the case for your immediate communication.  C2 will see your case through, from try in phase to seat and reveal.  

Who We Are

C2 Carrie Times Carol are Clinical Integration Specialist of CAD/CAM Technology.  We are passionate about advocating  Doctors, Auxiliaries, Dental Labratories & Patients with each aspect of a successful CAD/CAM dental appointment. We are dedicated to excellence while training others. 


Services for Offices 

* In-Office Training Events

* C2 Smile Design - Same Day Smiles

* Clinical Integration of CAD/CAM Technology

* Power Production Days

* Advanced In-Office Training for Implants, Bridges, and Anterior Design

* Stain and Glaze Courses

Services for Laboratories

* In-Office CAD/CAM Training Events 

* Digital Laboratory Spotlight Events 

* Chair Side Same Day Smile Advocacy

* Speaking Engagements - Educational    Courses & Organizing Events Join our next event!