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"Be Bold!  Go First!  Go Digital and Create Your Own Future! 


Carrie and Carol’s primary goal is to provide a streamlined approach to your CEREC appointment.  Let's make a plan that will increase the confidence and efficiency of you & your dental auxiliaries.  C2 advocates your practice or lab production by providing a chair side approach assistance.  We offer educational opportunities that are designed specifically with Your practice or lab goals in mind. We advocate public awareness of EFDAs (Expanded Functions for the Dental Auxiliaries).





Are you only using Cerec for posteriors and want to offer your patients cosmetic solutions?

Have you become frustrated with your investment? 

Maybe you are happily cerecing and want to integrate implant crowns or bridges.

Are you a lab owner that wants to implement digital dentistry and dont know where to start?

Training Day Event

Designed for a Boost in Production while C2 Trains Your Staff, in Your Office, with Your Patients! Carrie and Carol are EFDA's in the state of Ohio.  Carrie and Carol have the advanced credentials to assist the doctor and staff, design, try-in and intra-orally finish your restorations!


Carrie and Carol will work with you and your staff to have a very productive day and show you how to flow the appointments efficiently.  Our goal is to give everyone a chance to experience the different aspects of the Cerec appointment. Each day is 6 hours. 

C2 Smile Designs -Same Day Smile Make Over

Make the plan with your patient to create the smile that they have always wanted! The smile is one of the most defining feature to everyone.  Changing a patients smile can change their life!      

Plan a wax up from the lab and supplies and let us put the magic behind your machineCarrie and Carol will Image, design, stain and glaze and finish at least 4 restorations with you.

Laboratory Cerec Advocacy 

Carrie and Carol have a great appreciation for the Knowledge, Skills and Artistry of a Dental Technician.  Sirona Connect reduces the number of processing steps necessary in the practice and laboratory.  C2 Smile Designs will be your intra-oral chairside advocate in a same day, smile makeover appointment.  Carrie and Carol offer hands on scanning demonstrations and training.  All situations are unique and will be treated as such so, reach out to us today!

Power Production Days

Have us into your office to schedule a full day of nothing but cerec restorations and Carrie and Carol will efficiently image, design, mill, stainand glaze, crystalize and finish your restorations for you.  We offer 4 hour or 6 hour Appointment Blocks.

Advanced Designing

Custom Abutment & Crown or hybrid  crowns (screw retained)


Are you still taking traditional impressions that slow down your work-flow? Now is the time to take control of the technology you invested in! C2 Cerec Advocacy is here to make your SAME DAY Implant Abutment and Implant Crown Appointment an easy access for all your patients! How rewarding would this be for your patients who have done their due diligence in waiting for that implant to heal? This is the time to treat your patients to an awesome experience to finish their implant treatment!

and Bridges

What is an EFDA?  An Ohio EFDA (Expanded Functions for the Dental Auxiliary) is a certified dental assistant (CDA), certified Ohio dental assistant (CODA), or a licensed dental hygienist who has graduated from an expanded functions training program and passed the Ohio EFDA state board exam. This auxiliary member is permitted to perform advanced remedial intra-oral procedures that involve the placement of preventative or restorative materials limited to sealants and metallic and nonmetallic restorative materials.  

What is Cerec?  CEREC or  (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a method of CAD/CAM dentistry developed at the University of Zurichin in 1980 for creating dental restorations. Using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing), this process allows dentists to digitally impress, design, produce, and insert individual ceramic restorations directly at the point of treatment (chairside) in a single appointment, rather than over multiple appointments with labside work in between. The first applications were successfully carried out on patients in 1985.