​​​See what our doctors, staff and patients are saying about C2!​
C2 is passionate about serving our Doctors and their patients. Carrie and Carol are dedicated to excellence and will not compromise when it comes to each and every unique patient serviced by them. Thank you for your interest in C2 and we look forward to "Cerecing" with you in the near future!


Robert Gardner, DDS

"Carrie was in office yesterday. Great help with a sterioss abutment and crown as well as a conventional full coverage. She really showed me how easy work can be. Popped off an eight o clock emergency crown in an hour this morning. Thanks for the coaching and pick me up."

Michael Crockett DDS

These women are amazing! I am dentist in Mesa AZ Crockett Dental,and when I first started going digital and purchased my Cerec Cad Cam machine it so happened that Carrie was in town for a seminar. I asked her to stay another day to help myself and me team get started with the new technology. Talk about energy and knowledge. My team to this day remembers Carrie and what she was able to teach us in such little time! This was in 2011 so if you can only imagine the knowledge she has today. If anyone is in need of help to get started or seasoned with digital technology this is the place to go. I know Carrie and Carol can help you build your digital practice and increase the energy in your office! I look forward to working with them again soon!



Sara Durbin, CDA

"10 years ago I met Carol Lamb at an office in Worthington. I worked beside her everyday and LOVED every minute of it. I had done dental assisting some before I met Carol, however I learned so much from her and I became so much better at what I could do. Carol is so unbelievably talented at what she does and I am happy to have learned from her. Best wishes my friend, reach for the stars!" 


Tina G., RDA, EFDA

"12 years ago I was undecided what I wanted to do with my future, at a young age of 16 I job shadowed Carrie Mcnabb Johnson and I seen her passion and love for her job! She loved what she was doing and loved her patients. I knew then that dentistry was what I wanted to do. At the age of 19 I started working side by side with Carrie and for the next 6 years she was able to teach me so much! Helping me get my CDA and then helping me with EFDA school while sitting in her kitchen for long hours to make sure I understand everyone well enough to pass my boards! And all because she wanted to because she loves to teach and help people! I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her and her confidence in me. Her passion for Dentistry is like nothing have ever seen in the 10 years I have been working. She is amazing and the dental field is lucky to have her. She has always and will continue to great things and make dental magic! So proud to call you my friend."

Jessica Horne, RDH

"I currently work as a hygienist at the same office as Carrie and Carol. These women have been an amazing addition to our team for close to 3 years now. Carrie runs circles around me on a daily basis in the office! She is efficient and extremely organized. Two qualities that every hygienist loves. Carol has the most wonderful chairside manner. She completed an in office whitening treatment on me not too long ago and made sure I was well taken care of every step of the way. She is accommodating and thoughtful with all of her patients. These two women make an excellent duo and I just know great things are coming their way!"

Jessica Woyan, CDA

"Carrie  Johnson is an amazing person that always goes the extra mile to help you understand. She is so passionate about what she does daily that it excites you. I love her vast knowledge and wisdom since I'm just starting in the field. These women are a power couple for sure!"



Amanda Brown Worstell, EFDA

"This is exactly what our dental community needs!!! I have had the honor to work side by side with Carrie Mcnabb Johnson the passion and knowledge that she has just resonates to all around her!! This is the perfect solution to be able to outreach and share her talents, passion and outstanding knowledge she has with Cerec! I have been her student and then before I knew it I was so well taught that I was not only able to do it, and understand it but then also I was able teach and share my knowledge! You ladies are going to help so many dentist and their teams expand and really exceed their potential!! Then in return it ultimately benefits our patients which is why we do what we do in the first place! This is just incredibly exciting news!!"


Serita Jackson

"Carrie Johnson nearly single handedly can take credit for getting me interested in the dental field all those years back at Dr Frye's office... I never expected to love dentistry the way I do and I have you and my great experiences there to thank for that. Can't wait to see where this group goes and what I can learn from it."



Sarah Neumeister CDA EFDA

"I am so excited continue my professional growth in dentistry and to become efficient in Cad/Cam design. I know the best instruction will come from people who have a passion for these restorations. For this knowledge, I will look no further than Carol and Carrie. They have more passion for Cerec than anyone I know. I have seen exquisite restorations by these ladies and have listened to their excited chatter as they describe complex implant crowns as well as bridges that they have designed. I for one, am grateful to begin my Cerec journey with these two as my mentors."


C2, from a Dentsply Sirona perspective you have both been great partners/advocates to everyone on the inLab Team. From helping to achieve our goals with both your Study Clubs and also our inLab Summit. Your attitudes and product knowledge are certainly among the best in the business and could very well be second to no one because of your great positive attitudes and your strong work ethics. Thank you both for everything that you do to help us succeed! My best to you both!

Michael Smith Bba Cidt

Carrie and Carol.....its great to see two people collaborating together to follow their passion. Just great to see and very inspiring. When we equip ourselves to learn new things and achieve great results from our own doing, we achieve a great state of mind. Holding on to that knowledge for ourselves is robbery I feel. Great job guys....

"No matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites your ability and turns it into accomplishment!"

Go Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!