Meet our Owners

"If you love what you do and it becomes your passion, you will not fail. WE want OUR passion to become your passion; C2 can help increase your love for dentistry again with energy enthusiasm & confidence."


Who We Are

Carrie Johnson CODA, CP, EFDA
CAD/CAM Advocate / Trainer

Carrie has over 16 years of experience in the dental field and has had the pleasure of working with dental professionals from all over the world. Carrie is proud to say that many, advanced dental professionals have and continue to follow her work and expertise of digital dentistry. She has preformed various roles in her career ranging from chairside assisting, functioning as a clinical director and placing metallic and nonmetallic restorations.


Carrie began learning and utilizing digital dentistry in 2005.  She has since facilitated the implementation of CEREC digital dentistry in several general practices.  She has kept up on continuing education and currently serve as a trainer, clinical integration specialist and advocate for CEREC technology, in novice to advanced dental practices.  Carrie is an experienced, unique and dedicated EFDA, serving as vice president of ODEFA (Ohio Dental Expanded Functions Association) in 2013-2014. 


Carrie's passion for CAD/CAM dentistry and her patients continues to grow.  She encourages all to step out of their comfort zone to strive for the next level.  C2's goal is to take dentistry digitally and to bring this technology to the forefront of our local dental community and beyond. Thank you for your support and we hope that our knowledge and appreciation of digital dentistry has a lasting effect on your practice. 

Carrie Johnson CODA, EFDA

Carol Lamb CODA, CP, EFDA
State Secretary to ODEFA
CAD/CAM Advocate / Trainer

Dentistry has been a strong influence in Carol's life for 20 years. Carol started her dental career in 1997 through a dental assisting program in southern Ohio.  In 2002, she completed the Expanded Function for the Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) continuing education program at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.  Carol has a true passion for the dental profession and helping those in need of dental care. She has a chairside manner that is always nonjudgmental and compassionate.  

Carol is the State Secretary to her professional organization, Ohio Dental Expanded Functions Association (ODEFA).  She joined the organization because access to dental care in the underserved areas in our state is an important issue.  It is hard work and the advanced dental disease can be overwhelming but Carol enjoy that type of service.  She firmly believes that everyone deserves care, especially children, due to the ramification of their dental pain and infections. Carol has trained and guided many dental assistant over the years. Carol enjoys being a professional inspiration mostly because she often become inspired in the process. "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work".


Carrie inspired Carol to learn CAD/CAM dentistry in the blu cam days.  Carrie's expertise alleviated the frustrations that can come from understanding and creating a perfect CEREC restoration.  Carrie and Carol see a missing link in an optimal “CEREC office” work flow.  We can help doctors and their auxiliaries efficiently schedule, image, design, create and finish CEREC restorations, including sending the cases through Cerec Connect.  C2 can help practices to achieve highly reliable results and the best part is that office production is not interrupted because C2 does our training chairside!  

 Carol  Lamb CODA, EFDA

"The digital solutions in our industry are perpetually upgrading, evolving and advancing. Acquiring and educating ourselves with the latest technology is not only beneficial, it’s a necessity."